When looking around on the internet, it can be hard to know what is real and what is not. What is a scam and what is legit? The ICC wants to ensure you are comfortable and feel safe interacting with the ICC directly as a companion or as a gentleman reaching out to one of our independent escorts.

Please see below the reviews and compliments that have been shared about the ICC and the independent escort companions that are a part of our collective.

A delightful munch with Rosemary James

Once I returned from the shower, I had her stand by the bed while she removed her brassiere and I next dropped to my knees and spun her away from me, stopping only when her fulsome cheeks were right against my face. From there, I gingerly pulled down her panties with great hopes. As the undies passed by her calves on the way to the floor, Rosemary bent over slightly to reveal the scene of my desire - a tight penny-round turd crevice surrounded by an ample crop of lady fur.

Rosemary James

DATY - my favourite - was absolutely delicious!

She is clean, easily and wonderfully wet, tasty and into it as long as I wanted.

Responsive, appreciative and loving to kiss right after.

DATO is also on the menu and...
...She LOVED and ENCOURAGED DIGITS - everywhere!

She says she is DTF every which way.
(I asked because it's more than I would be capable of and i thought you would want to know.)

Katie Kuiper Tall & Curvy

She is very cute facially and really likes kissing (dfk, lfk, neck) - lots of deep passionate kissing the whole session.

She is very skilled in her bbbj - very deep and gaging type play and she really enjoys what she is doing. She has nice large areolas, which I love, and she really likes her breasts played with during the session (and will tell you so - along with her love of a nice firm spanking).

We got up to lots of fun - daty and MPOS - and we spent a lot of time in cowgirl (my fav) with her grinding away on me. She asked for a cob finish and I was happy to oblige.

Review: Penelope George (pennygee)

She started off real slow and seductive. Playful smiling with some moaning and giggling. She really knows how to please people. She is so pretty and her smile made me feel warm inside cause it just felt so genuine. The kissing and ball licking was crazy! She did that and slowly worked her way up to the head. The technique was GODLIKE!


Katie aims for a GFE experience. We had a great time making out and fooling around, and she was generally just a pleasant and sexy escape from normal life. I am not so good at describing the acts what we engaged in, but it was all amazing.

Penny Review

Had a mind blowing experience with this oral queen. I opted for the rimming option and it was just porno style unbelievable.


She is really pretty curvy light skin black chick with a very chill personality. She greeted me at the door with a hug & kiss in her sexy sheer lingerie.

My hands fondled her ass while I suck on her big tits. I didn't get a chance do FS because her bbbjcim were too good to stop.