About IEC

This Independent Escort Companion Collective is a female operated and is designed to offer services to independent escorts, by independent escort,  and service escorts who are both new and experienced.

The IEC offers everything you need to get started in this industry as an independent escort companion. IEC services can be offered in packages where you get it all, mix and match or services can be offered individually. All services offered are offered from fellow independent escorts. 

The IEC mission is to assist escorts in controlling their own business and earnings. Having years of experience in all areas of the industry, there is nothing the IEC can’t assist you with. If we can’t do it, we will find someone who can – free of charge.

Please view the service options below and then get in touch. The IEC is here for you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Booking/Screening Assistant

The IEC offers full booking and screening services. Screening is done to your personal requirements. You make the rules, and the IEC will follow them to the letter.

Booking services include a profile page and schedule posting on the IEC website. Booking services also include paid ad posting{s} on sites like TERB, the largest review board in Canada, as well as various other industry-based advertising sites.

Booking packages are as low as $30/call. You only pay a fee when you get a booking.

Incall Coordinator

Finding a safe incall space to work from can often be difficult. Booking hotels for yourself can be frustrating, finding hotel deals can be troublesome and then adding the preasure of knowing whether it is escort friendly or not can sometimes makes it an overwhelming task.

For escort companions who are members of the collective, the IEC is able to refer you, free of charge, to multiple private incall rental locations around the city, and can teach you how to find and reserve incall locations/hotels or the IEC can book your hotel for you often at much lower prices than regular booking sites for a small fee.


IEC Membership

The IEC offers resources and tools privately that are essential in any escort’s booking and screening process. We also offer referral services, and buddy systems, and share how to do things on your own as an independent escort. From things like how to check for text apps, how to find incall locations, and where to find services in your area. This is an independent escort community and our private escort section has everything you need to ensure your continued success as an independent escort companion.

Your collective membership comes with a profile & schedule page on the IEC website with no limit to updating it. The IEC will post your schedule and our amazing booking form will be tailor-made to you and your screening criteria and then be sent directly to you. All your escort contact information is posted.

While databases are being developed, all IEC memberships are free.

Advertising/Social Media & OF Management

The IEC offers a variety of advertising services and social media branding services. All while keeping accounts in your name and under your control.

When grouped with packages like Booking/Screening services, we will post and PAY for your ads on some varied sites.

We can maintain your posts on places like TERB, X {formerly Twitter}, LL, etc. We can post and maintain your OnlyFans account or assist you with your own monetization website.

Website Design

The IEC can build you a beautifully designed website with the functionality required for this industry. Including booking forms, blogs, monetization content, etc. and all with the ability to maintain and update the site yourself.

IEC also offers domain and hosting for your website or can refer you to companies that are adult design-friendly.

Fill out the IEC join form to request our portfolio


IEC offers photography packages as low as $200 a shoot. Shoots include 8 edited pics. All pics are shot on location and by a female photographer. Makeup and hair are your responsibility, but referrals can be given.

IEC also offers referrals to a variety of other industry photographers, male and female, depending on the style of photography you personally like best.

Fill out the IEC join form to request our portfolio

Start Up Consulting

Want to enter the industry but don’t know where to start?

Book a consultation lunch/dinner with the IEC and get all the information you need and assistance required to get started in a safe way.

The IEC’s mission is to assist as many companions as possible to be as independent as they can be, therefore retaining most of their hard-earned money.